• Altemp-Lubricant

    Kluber ALTEMP Q NB 50 is the recommended lubricant for PPC chucks. ALTEMP Q NB 50 is a white lubricating paste containing a mineral base oil, a barium complex soap and inorganic solid lubricants. This lubricant has been found to improve the sliding characteristics of moving chuck components and enabling constant clamping force. It prevents stick-slip and protects against fretting and tribo-corrosion in frictional or positive connections. ALTEMP Q NB 50 is resistant to oils and water soluble cutting fluids.

  • Grease Gun
  • Loading Rings

    Loading rings are used to set the chuck in a clamping position for machining top jaws. CR loading rings are a cam design which provide easy adjustment of the loading position for OD clamping. LR loading rings are used for ID clamping jaws.