MicroCentric Blank Top Jaws are manufactured to extremely close tolerances to assure proper fit onto MicroCentric chucks.

Blank jaws are typically machined on the chuck under load to suit the workpiece to be clamped. Detailed instructions on the design and preparation of top jaws is given in MicroCentric's installation and operat ing manual.

Steel jaw blanks can be carburized after rough machining, and then finish ground on the chuck.

Blank jaws are available in other configurations and materials. Contact our sales department for additional information.

MicroCentric specializes in design ing and manufacturing custom top jaws for specific workpiece and machine applications. Fax a drawing of your part and we will prepare a quotation for custom top jaws, or we can make recommen dations on top jaw design for your application.

*Prices are per individual jaw.
Unit of Measure


N/A 8 inch


N/A 1018

A Dimension

N/A 1.50 in38.1 mm

B Dimension

N/A 3.95 in100.3 mm

C Dimension

N/A 3.00 in76.2 mm
Weight1 N/A 4.3 lb1.90 kg

Item No.

N/A 07 085 300
  • 1 Weights are per piece