• MMR Diaphragms

    MMR diaphragms are used with SMR series top jaws which are bolted on from the rear of the diaphragm. This eliminates the possibility of having an interrupted clamping diameter since there are no counterbored mounting holes in the top jaws. MMR diaphragms are also available in 2, 3, and 8 jaw configurations.

  • AAS Part Stop Spider

    ASS part stop spiders are mounted to the face of the diaphragm, under neath the top jaws. They are machined for locating pins or other part stops to be mounted to the stop spider for end location of the workpiece.

  • SMR Blank Top Jaws

    SMR blank top jaws are used with MMR diaphragms. They are ma chined on the chuck to suit the workpiece. Refer to MicroCentric's operating manual for detailed instructions on the design and preparation of finished top jaws. Blanks jaws can be hardened after rough machining, and then finish ground on the chuck. Blank jaws are available in other configurations and materials. Contact our sales department for information on custom hardened and ground top jaws.