• Available in 6 inch diameter models
  • 1.355" (34.4mm) through hole
  • Speeds up to 8,000 rpm
  • High speed models are dynamically balanced
LDZ Air Cylinder Design & Features
MicroCentric LDZ Air Cylinders feature a high performance precision rotary air bearing assembly. The air bearing incorporates a hardened steel journal and a housing supported by high speed ball bearings. This advanced proven design is combined with MicroCentric's precision manufacturing capability to produce a line of air cylinders of unmatched performance and reliability.

Air cylinders offer fine adjustment of draw tube force to prevent distortion of workpieces during clamping as compared to hydraulic actuators. And MicroCentric LDZ Cylinders are virtually main tenance free. The only requirements are that air is continuously supplied to the rotary air bearing during rotation, and that the air is filtered and lubricated.

LDZ Air Cylinders can be adapted to all machine spindle and rotary table configurations to actuate jaw, collet, and diaphragm chucks. MicroCentric will supply spindle mounting plates and draw tubes as required, as well as a variety of precision workholding products to interface with LDZ.
Unit of Measure


N/A 6 in152 mm

Through Hole

N/A 1.355 in34.4 mm

Piston Stroke

N/A .394 in10 mm

Max. Air Pressure

N/A 150 psi10.5 kg/cm²
Draw Tube Force1 N/A 1,640 lbf745 kgf

Max. rpm

N/A 8,000


N/A 12 lb5.5 kg

Item No.

N/A 32 060 043

Mounting Plates & Draw Tubes

N/A Spindle mounting plates and draw tubes to adapt LDZ Air Cylinders to a specific machine spindle or rotary table are quoted on request. a1146.jpg

Proximity Switches

N/A A proximity switch kit is available for most LDZ Cylinders. Proximity switches provide a signal to the machine control to confirm whether the chuck or workholding fixture is clamped or unclamped.

Contact our sales engineers for information on proximity switch kits for LDZ Cylinders.

Check Valves

N/A Special LDZ Cylinders are avail able with integral check valves. Check valves will maintain air pressure in the cylinder and keep the chuck or workholding fixture clamped in the event there is an interruption to the air supply.

Contact our sales engineers for information on LDZ Cylinders with check valves.
  • 1 at 100psi (7 kg/cm2)