Draw tube operated design. Can be actuated with either a hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder mounted at the rear of the machine spindle.

OD and ID chucking for cylindrical grinding, turning, and hard turning. Ideal for workpieces requiring high concentricity, and applications requiring high chucking force and/or high spindle speeds.
Unit of Measure

Chuck Size

N/A 10 in254 mm

Repeating Accuracy

N/A .0001 in.0025 mm

No. of Jaws

N/A 6
Jaw Stroke1 N/A .120 in2 mm

Max. Jaw Force

N/A 38,075 lbf17,300 kgf
Max. rpm2 N/A 4,000
Weight3 N/A 60.9 lb27.7 kg

A Dimension

N/A 10.00 in254 mm
B Dimension4 N/A A2-8

C Dimension

N/A M20

D Dimension

N/A .354 in9.0 mm

F Dimension

N/A 3.34 in84.8 mm

G Dimension

N/A 10.39 in263.9 mm

H Dimension

N/A 9.200 in233.7 mm

J Dimension

N/A M10

Item No.

N/A 41 250 024

Ordering Information

N/A MMR Diaphragms, AAS Part Stop Spiders and SMR Blank Top Jaws are not included Diaphram Chucks but are standard equipment.

Available Standard Equipment

N/A AAS Part Stop Spider
, AAS Part Stop Spider
MMR Diaphragms
, MMR Diaphragms
SMR Blank Top Jaws
, SMR Blank Top Jaws
SMR Blank Top Jaws
, SMR Blank Top Jaws
SMR Blank Top Jaws
, SMR Blank Top Jaws
  • 1 Jaw stroke on diameter with 1.50" high top jaws
  • 2 Max. rpm is influenced by draw tube force and weight of top jaws
  • 3 Weight without top jaws
  • 4 Other mounting configurations available upon request