HST High Speed Air Chucks feature a titanium chuck body and are actuated by a patented external wedge design that maintains clamping force at high spindle speeds without counterweights. This revolutionary design minimizes the effects of centrifugal force resulting in consistent clamping force throughout the chuck's rpm range.

HST chucks are available in standard, HS, and BP models. The HS models are dynamically balanced and feature MicroCentric's patented NR50 non-rotating air tube system. The NR50 design eliminates vibra tion caused by rotating air at higher spindle speeds, thus enhancing a machine's surface finish, and roundness capability.

Chuck Accuracy
  • .0001" (0.0025mm) TIR is standard
  • .00005" (0.0012mm) TIR is available
Unit of Measure

Chuck Size

N/A 4 in100 mm

No. of Jaws

N/A 3
Chuck Accuracy1 N/A .0001 in.0025 mm
Jaw Stroke2 N/A .100 in2.5 mm

Max. Clamp Force

N/A 3,150 lbs14.0 kN

Max. Air Pressure

N/A 100 psi0.7 MPa

Chuck Weight

N/A 11.8 lb5.4 kg

Item No.

N/A 03 004 304

QC Quick Change Top Jaw System

N/A Patented jaw locating system reduces setup time by maintaining .0002" (0.005mm) TIR accuracy after jaw change, without remachining top jaws.

MicroCentric's QC precision locating jaw system reduces setup time and increases a machine's flexibility for JIT scheduling by eliminating the time consuming process of remachining top jaws after change over. QC top jaws can also be machined "off-line" on a QC Jaw Turning Fixture or on another QC chuck.

QC System Accuracies
  • .0002" TIR when jaws are machined and replaced on the same chuck.
  • .0008" TIR when jaws are machined on another chuck or on a QC turning fixture.
QC System Features
  • Blank QC top jaws are made from A-2 tool steel that can be hardened to Rc 60 without distorting the tapered locating holes.
  • QC Jaw Turning fixtures are available to machine top jaws "off-line" and maximize a machine's run time.
  • Custom hardened and ground QC top jaws can be designed for specific workpiece applications are quoted on request.
QC System Design
QC top jaws are located by two tapered locating buttons that are pressed into jig ground locating holes in the chuck's base jaws. QC top jaws feature jig ground tapered locating holes that mate with the tapered locating buttons on the chuck's base jaws. Due to the close tolerances that are held on both the tapered locating buttons and locating holes, the top jaw seats on the OD of the button as well as on the face of the master jaw. This precision fit eliminates clearance and assures high locating accuracy and rigidity.

UP Ultra Precision Option

N/A Repeating accuracy to .000050" (0.0012mm) TIR

For applications which require extremely close chucking accuracy, MicroCentric will selectively fit and certify a chuck to an accuracy of .000050" (0.001mm) or .000020" (0.0005mm) depending on model.

Note that temperature variations, changes in air pressure, spindle runout, and the condition and design of top jaws will affect chuck accuracy.

AL Automatic Lubrication Option

N/A Lubricate the chuck with an electric pump

The AL option allows lubricant to be supplied to the chuck through the air tube assembly during the machine cycle. This option is recom mended for unmanned machine cells and other high volume production applications.

An AL chuck is equipped with a special center housing that channels the lubricant to the moving components within the chuck. The machine's way lubrication pump is typically used to also supply lubricant to the chuck.

For rotating applications a rotary union must be adapted to the air tube assembly in order to provide a connection for the lubrication line. The AL Option is also available on Stationary Chucks.

BP Back Ported Option

N/A Air passages through the back cover provides a hole in the center of the chuck

For applications where the workpiece must be swallowed into the center of the chuck. The BP design also enables housings with part stops or parts ejectors to be mounted into the ID of the chuck.

Air is typically supplied to BP chucks through the mounting plate which can be supplied with the chuck.

N/A All HST High Speed Air Chucks include:

  • One set steel top jaws

  • 1 Chuck accuracy is defined as the total indicator reading (maximum radial and lateral runout) of a master gage measured 1.0" (25 mm) from the face of a standard top jaw
  • 2 Total jaw stroke (on diameter)