The CB-NDR is a new patented Dead Length design collet chuck to be used with servo stop bar loaders. The NDR chuck is actuated as the draw tube is pulled into the machine spindle. The collet is coupled to the chuck body and remains stationary as the tapered seat moves forward during clamping. This feature keeps the collet in a fixed Z axis position, and since the draw tube is moving into the spindle, the bar remains positioned against the servo stop.

CB-NDR Features
  • Pull to Close Dead Length design produces no pull back and will not push the bar off the servo stop
  • Radial adjusting screws
  • Lubricated-for-life design requires minimal maintenance
  • All components hardened and precision ground for highest accuracy and long life
  • Spindle speeds up to 5,000 rpm
Unit of Measure

Collet Model


Through Capacity

N/A 2.560 in65 mm

Clamping Range

N/A +/- .020 in+/- 0.5 mm

Draw Tube Stroke

N/A .480 in12.2 mm

Max. Clamp Force

N/A 23,605 lbs105 kN

Max Speed

N/A 6,000 rpm


N/A 37.9 lb17.2 kg

Spindle Nose

N/A A2-8

A Dimension

N/A 3.886 in98.7 mm

B Dimension

N/A 6.480 in164.6 mm

C Dimension

N/A 8.250 in209.6 mm

D Dimension

N/A 1.625 in41.3 mm

E Dimension

N/A 7.005 in177.9 mm

F Dimension

N/A .354 in9 mm

Item No.

N/A 15 065 257


N/A .0004 in0.010 mm

N/A CB-NDR chucks include a spindle adapter plate and a blank draw tube connector. Threaded draw tube connectors for specific machine configurations are furnished at no additional charge if draw tube dimensions are provided with purchase order.