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Acme-Gridley 2" RA6, RB6
Unit of Measure


Item Name


Please enter the exact bore size you need based on the available range given above.

MB50A N/A Collet Body N/A N/A
MA50A/RSR N/A Collet - Round Serrated Bore N/A 0.500 - 2.000 in N/A
MA50A/RSM N/A Collet - Round Smooth Bore N/A 0.500 - 2.000 in N/A
MA50A/HEX N/A Collet - Hexagonal Bore N/A 0.500 - 1.687 in N/A
WH50 N/A Hydraulic Changing Fixture N/A N/A
EN162 N/A CH Hydraulic Fixture N/A N/A
Unit of Measure