SMR blank top jaws are used with MMR diaphragms. They are ma chined on the chuck to suit the workpiece. Refer to MicroCentric's operating manual for detailed instructions on the design and preparation of finished top jaws. Blanks jaws can be hardened after rough machining, and then finish ground on the chuck. Blank jaws are available in other configurations and materials. Contact our sales department for information on custom hardened and ground top jaws.
Unit of Measure

Chuck Size

N/A 5 in127 mm


N/A 3.46 in87.8 mm


N/A 2.00 in50.8 mm

No. of Jaws

N/A 6


N/A 4140


N/A 4.60 lb2.09 kg

Item No.

N/A 41 125 005