• 4.33” (110mm) chuck diameter
  • 3 jaw and 2 jaw models
  • QC precision change jaw system and dowel pinlocated models
  • Standard and long stroke models
  • 1.063” (27mm) through hole
  • Precision fit master jaws to minimize jaw lift
  • Hardened chuck body, actuators, and masterjaws, for long term accuracy and performance
Repeating Accuracy
  • .0001” (0.0025mm) TIR
Unit of Measure
Accuracy1 N/A .0001 in.0025 mm

No. of Jaws

N/A 3

Through Hole

N/A 1.063 in27 mm
Jaw Stroke2 N/A .180 in4.6 mm

Actuator Stroke

N/A .340 in8.6 mm

Min. Draw Tube Force

N/A 250 lbf1.1 kN
Max. Clamp Force3 N/A 3,760 lbs16.7 kN
Max Speed4 N/A 5,000 rpm
Chuck Weight5 N/A 7.0 lb3.2 kg
Moment of Inertia6 N/A .13 lb-ft²0.005 kg-m²


  • Blank draw tube adapter
  • Blank top jaws, chuck lubricant, and grease guns are sold separately.

  • N/A

  • Threaded draw tube adapters are furnished on request
  • A2-4, A2-5, and various flat, threaded, and tapered nose spindle mounting plates are available on request.

    • 1 Accuracy is the total indicator reading (radial and lateral runout) of a master gage measured 1.00” (25.4mm) from the top face of the standard top jaw at 1/2 max draw tube force.
    • 2 Total jaw stroke.
    • 3 Total clamping force.
    • 4 Maximum speed with standard top jaw at max draw tube force.
    • 5 Without top jaws and spindle mounting plate.
    • 6 Without top jaws and spindle mounting plate.